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The Trust

An Introduction

Harvey's Foundry Trust is a charitable organisation based in Hayle - we work hard to promote Hayle's rich history and turn the nationally important site Harvey's Foundry into a vibrant multi-use centre.

As the Trust has grown over the years our aims have expanded beyond the Foundry Site we are also helping to restore other historic but dilapidated buildings around Hayle putting them back into community use.

We hope that by regenerating these buildings and taking advantage of the fantastic employment and community spaces that are being created we can form a catalyst for change in this deprived area.

Harvey's Foundry Trust developed from the local community working in partnership with key stakeholders. The majority of our trustees are Hayle residents, we operate through the unending support of local volunteers who give up their time and energy to help us achieve our aims.

In 2013 we fulfilled a long standing aim of the Trust and the community by opening Hayle Heritage Centre, based at John Harvey House. The Centre has a core exhibition that gives an overview of the history of the town with a rolling programme of events and activities. Click here for more details.

List of Trustees

Here is a list of our current trustees :-

HARVEY'S FOUNDRY TRUST, John Harvey House, 24 Foundry Square, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 4HH

Registered in England No. 4764003

Registered Charity No. 1112920

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Old Foundry Images

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