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DEVELOPMENT - Future plans

Future Plans

An Introduction

The Trust's objectives are Conservation, Regeneration and Education. These objectives are fulfilled through a number of projects; the creation of a heritage and education centre, running heritage and community based projects, supporting local heritage groups, creating quality yet affordable office space for SME's, working with schools and youth groups.

Phase 3

Working in partnership with the local authority, the Trust’s main focus has been on securing and re-developing a two-hectare site called Harvey’s Foundry situated in Hayle. The result is a regeneration scheme on this derelict but historically important site.

The Harvey’s Foundry project provides an opportunity not only to promote the history of the area, encourage business growth and employment creation and address the physical dereliction, but also to act as one of the catalysts for change in this deprived area.

We aim “To create a vibrant, viable destination for residents and visitors that uses heritage as the focus for a range of uses and contributes to the regeneration of Hayle

Two phases have been completed and they are highly successful. There are 40 business based on our site with over 100 high quality jobs being created in ICT, marketing, graphic/digital design and the creative and cultural industries. The scheme has won a Civic Trust award and commendation from RIBA and is held as an exemplar project by the Prince's Regeneration Trust on how to use historic buildings in effective regeneration.

You can see a case study undertaken by the Princes Regeneration Trust here and and analysis of outcomes here.

Phase 3 will see the conservation and adaptation of two derelict Grade II buildings and a new sympathetically designed extension which will create 18 office units and 83 new jobs. The project will also deliver a wide range of learning activities, including a partnership with Cornwall College to create apprenticeships on site during construction in traditional building techniques

This project will rescue and preserve a part of Hayle’s rich industrial heritage for the community, which will remain inaccessible and eventually be lost without some form of intervention. The aims are as follows:

The plans and drawings can be viewed here.

For more information on the project please call Laura Christon on 01736 757683

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Old 'Future' Plans

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