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A selection of Archive Photographs

Below are a selection of photographs from the archive project. They have been found by our dedicated Archive Team and placed on our website for easy access to our website users. If you have any particular interest or would like to contact the Archive Team please contact them here.

Photos by the late Ronnie Williams

Published on Friday, 13 March 2009

Many Hayle residents will probably remember the late Ronnie Williams who was hardly ever without his camera. His wife, Eileen, has very kindly donated to the Hayle Archive 6 photo albums each containing up to 100 4x6 photos in each album. Many of the photos have the date and time they were taken but some, containing pictures of locals, do not have the names.

At the time of writing this, Hayle Archive has recently heard that funding for the database has been approved so, hopefully, you will not have to wait much longer for the Archive to become operational. Meanwhile, we hope these will whet your appetite and perhaps you may have some photos which you would care to donate or loan to the Archive. Ronnie Williams' photos were taken during the 1970s and 80s and, although that is relatively recent, they provide a priceless look at Hayle as it was in those days. Take a nostalgic look at those below.

Thanks to Mike Smaldon for supplying the names of the 3 groups.
(Back row L-R) R. Thomas, M. Thomas, S. Thomas, M. Smaldon (Capt.) R. Radcliffe, G. Hawke
(3rd Row) I. Watson, Miss P. Fisher, Mrs D. Hagan, Mrs E. Thomas, S. Richards.
(2nd Row) S. Green, Rev. F. Canham, Rev. J. Elford, Mrs A. Elford, Lt. Cdr. R. Coombe (Church Warden), Rev. G. Bennett.

(Front Row) S. Hagan, R. Abbey, B. Daniel.

This was taken in the Bucket of Blood, Phillack.
(L-R) William "Champy" Nicholls, Bill Polkinghorne, Teddy Williams, Lady ?, John Whitford, Jimmy Williams.

(L-R) Peter Pascoe, Roger Pascoe, Bob Maginn, Rosita Queenam (nee Gall), Peter Queenam, William "Champy" Nicholls, Mary Gall, Johnny Gall. (Thanks to Mike Pascoe for the update)

Now you can see how Ronnie's camera has recorded images which would be lost forever.
Copperhouse in the '70s.

Posted by John Farrar, Hayle Archive - 13 March 2009. Updated 11 August 2009.

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