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Below are details of Events and Exhibitions that are taking place to develop, support and publicise the Archive Project.

The Hayle Community Archive and Hayle Oral History Project have open mornings in the Old Brewery Office Tuesdays from 10am until 1pm. Please bring in any old photos, postcards, film, contacts of people to interview or come for a chat and to see the collection. To visit the Archive website click here and to visit the Hayle Oral History Project blog to hear & read recorded memories of the Hayle Area please click here.

The Old Brewery Office, 1 Sea Lane, Hayle, TR27 4DU. Tel: 01736 753962. Email: for the Hayle Oral History Project or for the Hayle Archive Team.

Exhibition at the Public Library

Published on Monday, November 30, 2009

Exhibition opening at Hayle Public Library on Tuesday, 1st December 2009 with an official opening at 1pm on 8th December. To celebrate Hayle Community Archive’s new website that makes personal collections of old photos accessible to everyone, they have joined with Hayle Oral History Project to exhibit archive photos in Hayle Library.

Transcripts from interviews recorded by the Hayle Oral History Project will also be available as part of the exhibition. From 1pm Tuesday 8th December an additional archive slide show will be shown and Archive and Oral History Project volunteers will be available to discuss the projects and volunteer opportunities.

"We are just two of the groups who are working hard to discover more about the history of the Hayle Area and want to preserve it forever with interviews, photos, film and in print. We like to show what we’re doing and encourage volunteers with their stories or photos to come forward and help make these projects successful" says Lucy Frears, the Hayle Oral History Project Coordinator.

Both projects are based over the road from Hayle Library at the Brewery Office on Sea Lane. Hayle Community Archive will be open from 10am - 1pm every Tuesday commencing 15th December. You are invited to bring in original photos of Hayle and the parishes of St. Erth and Gwinear Gwithian to be scanned and added to the community archive (without taking your originals) or pop in to look at the collection which has been carefully gathered for many years and is just starting to be digitised. If you know about the copyright of any photos please come to speak to us.

"The Hayle Community Archive website has already made several collections of photographs available for internet viewing with images ranging from 1900 to just a few years ago. They provide a unique pictorial record of the history of the Hayle Area and the changes that have taken place over the years. Please do not let your photos deteriorate in the attic, they need preserving for the benefit of future generations", John Farrar, Hayle Community Archive volunteer.

The Hayle Oral History Project also needs volunteers - for example those over 65 from the Hayle Area are requested to come forward to be interviewed, anonymously if they wish, while people of all ages are needed to interview and record memories or transcribe interviews. Those with MP3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras or camcorders are encouraged to film or record short interviews with grandparents for the project, once the grandparents’ permission has been granted. A book using excerpts from interviews, expert articles and archive photos will be available at the end of next year. The exhibition in Hayle Library is open until 1st February and will be refreshed with new photos at various points.

Call the projects on: 01736 753962 for more information,,

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